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HP Wide format printers: Prints documents that regular printers can’t?

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That is right, the hp wide format printer prints documents that regular printer’s cannot. We are being introduced to the hp pagewide printers capable of oversized printing.

The regular printer prints like any printer, that is letter sized documents and even smaller. And when used to do large format documents, the print is compressed to a letter sized page, resulting in small characters. So, with tiny characters users need magnifying glasses to read the contents legibly. The process affects any organizations quest for efficiency.

The hp pagewide printer is practically a class by itself, simply because it can print on both worlds - letter size and wide format. Or documents from the smallest to the widest up to 11x17 inch and even 13x19 inch. With application so loose, offices need not include a regular printer in its equipment pool.

The hp pagewide printer is a practical solution, although large printing seldom happens, but when the need arise there is a device that one can rely on. They don’t need the services of specialized printshop which charge exorbitant fees. This has found an enviable niche in organizations, so its popularity continues to soar, and will be around indefinitely.

What regular and wide format printers have in common is connectivity, both can be wired or operate using WiFi signals. They also share common printing irregularities, so one is not better than the other and follows similar maintenance protocols. Inks used are practically similar, they only differ in size, large format printers have bigger ink tanks.

Probably, the only point of difference is that wide format printers are bulky, and may occupy a considerable amount of space compared to regular printers. Plus, wide format printers are expensive machines, some comes up to a couple of hundreds or even more. It is again unlike regular printers, that one can have for a song, so they say.

Bottom line, if you are scouting for a printer, cross out the regular printer and cozy up to the hp wide format printers or the hp pagewide printer. It is the better choice. 

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