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HP Wireless Printer Setup

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A HP wireless printer like all printers right out of the box is just useless scrap, just like a living being with an empty brain. A software is required before it can be connected to the wireless network and do the task it is designed for.

Installing software is however, not as simple as loading the first operating system (OS) one encounters. It is always good practice to download only the right software intended for the printer and computer combo. This is important because there are a lot of softwares available for download, and choosing the right one is critical for both operating systems.

For the operating system to work effortlessly, the software must be installed to the computer connected to the same wireless network as the printer. This is important because the process to proceed is given on by the screen instructions:

  1. Always depend on the screen instructions and follow tirelessly until one is asked for the Connection Type.
  2. Select from ‘Through the Network’, “Network’ and ‘Wireless Network’ when asked from the instruction.
  • The type of prompt will depend on the version of software being installed.
  • In some instances the software may be prompted automatically to look for the wireless setting.
  • Or in other cases the software may just look for the wireless setting automatically without any additional prompt from the user.

3. Complete the software download on the printer by following the final instruction shown on the screen.

There are cases that the installed software may not be able to locate the connected printer on the network, do a ‘search’. Find the built in printers IP address by printing either the Wireless Network Test Report or a Network Configuration Page. It should be visible and on display when the wireless icon is picked.

That’s about it, the hp wireless printer setup is now complete, and connected to the wireless network. Do a test print to be certain that the system is working.  

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