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In Printer Development; Is Voice Integration the next big thing?

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If HP have its way, voice control will be an added feature in future printer development, and command will be coursed through a hp printer assistant.

Brace for the coming of the new normal, first was the total elimination of connecting cables (WiFi), second maybe a cordless printer without the power cord and now printers that responds to voice commands. This is maybe a novel idea, but like any emerging technology it has its share of problems that could push the thrusts backward.

The main deterrent to a successful program is voice identification, the command must be supplied by an app that delivers the right diction, tone, volume and even accent. Suggesting that only one voice source must be able to activate the printer. This is however, already supplanted by hp through platforms like Alexa.

This platform serves as the voice assistant, which gives the correct voice frequency that only the subject printer understand. It is much like the computer and printer tandem that operates under a language that both understand. With voice commands already fine tuned to the printer, any user can print using only verbal orders and nothing more.

In the final analysis, would users be comfortable using only voice commands to order printers to perform tasks? In parallel, it is just like asking commuters if driverless public transport appeals to them. Remember, in the past Apple placed a lot of faith in voice commands in their iPhones, but it never caught fire as they expected.

At the end of the day, would it be for the best if users talk to a printer assistant first before any printing run, because only the programmed voice control has the capacity to order the printer to perform tasks.

Only time will tell if this new printer and voice commands will be the next big thing, otherwise like innovations in the past that started with a lot of promise but ended up a dud. 

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