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Info to consider on how to refill ink cartridges?

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Ink cartridge refill seems to preoccupy most users because the process is easy, plus it costs a lot less and helps the environment in the end. With the current state of our landfills printer ink refill becomes mandatory.

For OEM HP cartridges two methods are regularly observed, one for XL and the non-XL and start up cartridges. Front chamber refill is generic for all XL and non-XL and non startup cartridges. Back chamber refill also for XL cartridges, regular/startup 902 Black cartridge, and BCH cartridges. Take note that before cartridge refill are made, the user must reconfigure the the chip info from the printer.

Reconfiguring only mean to shut off the cartridge chips info to avoid disparity in the resulting total number of pages printed. There are instances when the ink in the cartridge has been entirely used-up without even reaching the minimum number as projected. The reason is of course dependent on the text and images since ink use vary per document.

It really is sound practice to clear the cartridge chip of embedded information first before ink refills must be instituted. Once the info is cleared, it is now like loading in a new full ink cartridge attendant with the basic datum about the capability of the cartridge. Ink refills though is quite disheartening if the proper refill procedures are not followed.

Bear in mind that air bubbles may form during ink refills, or dried ink may contaminate the sensitive jets and maybe scratches have formed or debris on the print head, which are factors that affects the delivery of ink and results in questionable print quality. However, HP printers have anticipated whatever would be encountered during ink refilling.

A function to free the cartridges of air bubbles, three levels of cleaning are added into the capability of the printer. This function helps refilled cartridges be freed of irregularities and attain the degree of print quality. However, if repeated cleaning could not push out whatever is in the system that makes the printout still undesirable, then proceed to the third deep cleaning option.

Remember, every step of the way in conditioning printer ink refill, uses a lot of ink, so caution is advised. The bottom line though ink cartridge refill is still a better option than using an OEM.  

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