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Inkjet Printers 2019: What does the best printers have something in common?

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Considering that there are hundreds of models out there, looking for the best inkjet printer could be an exercise in futility. Why? The reason: all inkjet models even if touted as top rated printers by each manufacturer, they are practically clones of each other.

That is correct, compare each model developed by different printer manufacturers and the idea of choosing the best is lost in the process. All have similar features, no one can boast about performance, not even print quality. But, models can differ in price, and which model can balance print quality and speed. And maybe aesthetics on how the printer looks would as well play a role.

So, for 2019 the best inkjet printers in the market based on the criteria expounded above are listed as follows:

  1. The Epson WorkForce Pro WF 4630 tops the list and continues to amaze by extending its clout, being the best in 2018. Well to start with, the printer delivers solid performance intended for small businesses and workgroups. What with its fast print speeds, excellent print quality and remote printing and scanning capabilities. And economical as well if large XL print cartridges are used.
  2. When budget crimps the HP Deskjet 3630 is the best option, since it is still a decent printer. It does offer only reasonable print speeds but has the capability to connect to mobile devices. What is engaging though is it has a small footprint, weighs less and is architecturally striking when viewed on any desk.
  3. The Epson EcoTank ET 4550 in included in the list since it comes with a two-years’ worth of ink supply. That is right out of the box, users need not worry about replacement ink cartridges. And with print quality and speed comparable to the best, it is an option worth seeing.

Remember, seeking out the best inkjet printer is tricky, what one considers A1, may not be the choice of the others. Cost of the printer will not guarantee the best, and cheap models are regularly designed with underperforming assets.

What does the top rated printers have something in common are probably, excellent print quality, fast print speeds and above average costs.

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