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Lexmark drivers: Offers the ‘one fits all’ solutions to printers?

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There are several Lexmark printer drivers in use covering every application imaginable. This being the case, users rely on the device’ automatic selection process to get the compatible Lexmark drivers that can deliver on the intended command.

This setup entails a lot of hassles for the users, so to appease its consumer base Lexmark developed and put into mainstream use the ‘universal driver’. The idea behind the concept is to streamline the processes, do away with a lot of drivers. Achieving a near perfect printing operation and reducing cost entirely.

The Lexmark ‘universal driver’ is the ‘one fits all’ solutions to upgrade the printing capability of a printer. With only one driver in tow it offers convenient printing as it brings a wide array of extensive support capability. While at the same time increases operational efficiency and promote ‘corporate sustainability growth’.

Even from the physical point, the interface of the ‘universal driver’ offers a more magnifying look and feel across all printer model under its arsenal. Controls and settings have been thoroughly modified, thus giving only the best overall user experience. And since it is now available in more languages matching with the users operating system is a breeze.

In the job accounting option for instance it (universal driver) allows organizations to track print and fax jobs and provide the readily required accounting information. It can also reflect the features, functions and options available in a connected printer. This regularly covers paper sizes, trays if any, finishing options and it can even be configured to determine or choose a particular printer model.

Some other features of this recent Lexmark printer drivers makes it a fulfilling office assistant that can easily manage an organization. And when everything works automatically, office efficiency skyrockets - bringing it to new heights.

Remember, a Lexmark driver is all one need to achieve the desired growth that organizations expect.

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