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Lexmark Mobile Printing App: Exclusive for iPhone, iPad

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The popularity of mobile devices, iPhone, iPad propelled Lexmark to develop a Lexmark Printer App precisely to support and do mobile print. This is to allow users to print just about anything direct from mobile devices.

Printing images direct from the iPhone and iPad is possibly the new normal among Apple product users. It is the result of WiFi communication that has engulfed the recent generation by storm. Imagine, sending fresh images while vacationing on the distant Bali Island Resort in Indonesia, would really awe friends from the U.S.A. This is the wonder of this technology, and Lexmark is part of this development.

The heart of this technology is the Lexmark Printer, that stands as the receiving channel and accepts anything sent by mobile devices. It’s not just images or pictures, but also clipboard texts, PDF files generated through an iPad or iPhone. As WiFi communication ties are established, the compatible Lexmark Printers process the incoming information. These data are then stored or printed as directed by the user.

While this app is almost certain with Apple mobile devices, an Android version is in the works to serve the other competitors. And to make this app accessible to all mobile devices Mobile Lexmark Printing is now available through the iTunes app store. Both app for Apple and Android are identical there are no functional differences. Also this app is for Lexmark printers and MFP’s that supports the IPP network printing and direct Image printer language.

By the way this app is free and is a must downloadable, if one has a compatible Lexmark printer. This is possibly the best app available for mobile devices, efficient and trouble free from instant download up to printing of information. The only drawback is the Lexmark Printer App do not support printing of documents direct from the net and Microsoft office documents. However, the future versions may be encompassing enough to cover anything.

Remember, your mobile devices can be coaxed to mobile print, just download the Lexmark Printer App and enjoy the convenience.

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