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Multifunction Printers: The Lexmark Printer advantage

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While most printer manufacturers put premium in the performance of their devices, Lexmark Printers offers more. Particularly when it comes to multifunction printers where it provides users distinct advantages over those units available in the market.

Print security is what make Lexmark devices rise above the competition, since it addresses the full spectrum of threats common in today’s complex business information climate. Print security is a nagging problem that plagues most organizations, because if not addressed intuitively, it could be a problem. This is not just a minor consideration, because relevance becomes a toss-up between security and productivity.

Security issues are pressing concerns, because threats could emanate not just from the outside, but also from within. Security breaches from the outside is expected, but also from within particularly the hard copy cubicles that are prone to leaks from prying eyes. Each passing day of delay without a fool-proof security protocol increases the chances of an incident breaking out. In fact from the stats, 60% of organizations admits experiencing print data breach.

Seeing the necessity, Lexmark built printers precisely to address the problem of security breach, with core technologies that spans across services, by giving solutions, updating hardware and firmware to insure seamless connections totally eliminating the related risks. This in turn addresses the gaps between the processing of documents, the printer, the local network and all points where information is transmitted.

The heart of this all is the installable Lexmark smart MFP platform that makes possible the security of the print environment. Solutions like the Lexmark Print Managementand Confidential Print are intended to protect the printer, while the Lexmark Secure Document Monitor is designed to centrally track and audits automatically every document printed, copied, scanned, and even those faxed using the network.

Just remember that Lexmark Printers, particularly the Multifunction Printer series are complete packages, it has built-in security features including access control, audit logs and loaded with OS protection.

Lexmark devices are worth the investment, cozy to the Lexmark Printer MFP advantage.

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