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Photo Printing: How to print photos from your phone?

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The proximity of the smartphone to our daily lives is without question the best best thing that happened to storing mementoes. These, however just remained files and seldom see the light of day because of the complications that print photos from phone brings.

Recent developments have changed this drawback, photo printing has evolved for the better and convenience to interested parties. The app intended for iOS and Android devices made printing photos easy, so keepsakes like a birthday bash and the like can have a hard copy for everyone to see. Anyone can just tap into the network’s Shutterfly app and print all the stored photos and create some works of inspiration.


To print photos from your smartphone, here are some step by step guides that need to be followed. Remember, this app is just for iOS or Android devices:

  1. The initial step is to download the app from the Apple or Google Play stores and once installed, configure and proceed.
  2. Part of the setup is to click upload and sign in using the Shutterfly account and or create a new account. After which, connect the camera roll to the Shutterfly app by clicking on ‘Allow Access’.
  3. Browse the camera roll in the Shutterfly app and click on the photos that need to be printed. Once all the photos are selected click ‘upload’.

That’s all there is to it, the process is now complete and printing can commence.


Remember, using the Shutterfly app, not only can one print directly from their Smartphone, but it allows creating customized gifts to be shared to any member of the family or friends and close acquaintance.

There is really no limit to what the app can do, photo printing becomes a minor challenge as print photos from phone is just an added feature.

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