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Pitney Bowes supplies: Use of Non-OEM supplies cannot void printer warranty

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Printer manufacturers will always remind clients that OEM supplies should be used as replacement, because the use of non-OEM will void warranty. Pitney bowes supplies is no exception, but warranty void will never apply.

Why would printer manufacturers insist in the use of OEM replacement supplies? The logic is really simple, printers are priced very low to entice buyers to commit to the product. Considering that development and manufacturing cost are way extensive, the molded printer will really be expensive. They (manufacturers) forego the expected profit on the printer, but instead depend on replacement supplies to recoup losses.

Recoup of losses is definitely an understatement, it is the manufacturers method of extracting profits, to the disadvantage of the users. A pitney bowes printer are designed to last at least three years, so think of the replacement supplies that goes into maintaining the printer. At the end of the lifetime of the printer, supplies spent could already spiral 1,000 times the cost of the printer.

This observation is conservative, it could be more and factor in the cost of the OEM supplies. This is where printer manufacturers rake in exorbitant profits because the supplies are so expensive to the detriment of the printer users. So, anybody that will threaten their source of revenues must be stopped at all cost. Since manufacturers cannot apply legal remedies, threatening to void warranty is used.

Since the use of supplies other than the OEM is guaranteed lawfully, enterprising organizations developed alternate supplies that are so cheap. Some recycling methods were applied, replacement inks were produced independent of the OEM, bringing the cost of replacement to as much as 90% off the cost of the OEM. In the end, printer manufacturers could only hope that users will come into the conclusion that OEM delivers the best in print quality.

Remember, warranty void will never apply but pick the type that comes close if not equal to the Pitney Bowes supplies quality.

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