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Samsung laser printer: Why homes and offices need the Samsung M2020 printer?

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The primary consideration why organizations need laser printers is because of the printing speed. No other printer type can beat a laser printer in terms of speed.

The samsung laser printer is a classic example, most of its models available in the market were developed precisely with printing speed in mind. The Samsung M2020W monochrome laser printer for instance can print around 21ppm (pages per minute), so much faster than most inkjet printers. At this speed performance, this printer is ideally suited for home offices and small business entities.


Why home offices and small business? These organization have very low to normal printing requirements, at 21ppm and a 150page input tray, the m2020 can reliably handle the printing requirement. Plus, the printer is loaded with a 500page laser cartridge, so it will take a lot of time before replacement can be had. Besides, ink consumables are not exclusive to the OEM, alternate supplies are available.


As observed in the Industry, the Samsung M2020W is tops when it comes to reliability and durability, what with a monthly duty cycle reaching 10,000pages. This duty cycle could only be expected from high-end and more expensive models, but is a regular feature for this printer. And since it operates at only around 310w, standby at 30w and sleep mode at 1.1w makes it really energy efficient.


To sum it up all, the samsung m2020 monochrome laser printer is a good addition to offices, simply because it can deliver on demand, the footprint is small and the energy consumption is almost negligible. No other printer comes close to the m2020W in performance and reliability. No wonder this samsung laser printer has attained so much popularity in such a short time.


Next time, there is a need to upgrade office printing devices, always consider the samsung m2020w monochrome laser printer. This is one of the many samsung laser printers that were developed to provide printing convenience to its varied customers.

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