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The c410w: Samsung’s typical low-end color laser printer

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Not all organizations are expected to own a color laser printer, simply because of the upfront cost. Just like any other electronic gadget, devices are developed with these clients in mind, the low-end Samsung c410w is a classic example.

As observed in the industry, low-end color laser printers are huge disappointments, simply because most are slow, delivers mediocre images plus toner cartridges are really expensive. Some clients end-up depending on inkjet printers because of the low acquisition cost, only to learn later that the replacement ink cartridges are so pricey - a complete set of replacement comes out dearer than the printer.

But, if you think this Samsung color laser printer is a disappointment, think again because it rises above some stereotypes. At a fraction of the cost the Samsung c410w delivers impressive print quality and the replacement black toner cartridge is affordable. Although the color toner cartridges are quite expensive, but the resulting print quality is somewhat interesting.

The Samsung e410w is an adequate low volume color laser printer for the small office or home offices. But it offers bonuses though, it has a 150-paper cassette found at the bottom of the unit and a 50-sheet molded into the top. Dialog boxes guides the user to go about the intricate manual two-sided printing and the printer can connect to a WiFi LAN, Ethernet, or USB.

What makes the Samsung c410w worth the buck is the print quality, even if print performance is agonizingly slow. Which is expected from a low-end laser printer, but is technically redefined by this Samsung color laser printer. With proper setting, the printer can deliver the best possible print quality. In the end color prints come out smooth, looks realistic, whether fleshtones, landscapes and objects.

Remember, if budget constraints affects your choice, take heart because the Samsung e410w can be the best alternative to a high-end Samsung color laser printer. 

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