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Why Megapixels matter when printing large photos?

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The advent of digital photo printing has made large photos prints an almost simple procedure, all is required is a digital camera and a large format printer. However, stunning photos can only be realised when it contains the right amount of megapixels.

That is right megapixels dictates the quality of photo prints, the bigger the megapixels the better the prints. In plain language, a pixel is the tile like element that make up a photo, a megapixel is 1 million pixel. To maintain photo quality a photo must have the minimum number of pixels, a slight deviation in numbers render the resulting prints pixelated or useless. So, if the intention is just to print 4 x 6 photos 2 megapixels will do, and 12 megapixels for 16 x 24 photos.

Intention is the driving force behind, because the camera is the source of all digital images. If one is interested in 4 x 6 photos only as mentioned above, a 2 megapixel camera will deliver. Enlarging the print in a 2 megapixel camera, say to 5 x 7, renders the final print fuzzy or low in quality. Never print images larger than what is dictated to by the megapixels, however printing it into a smaller size makes the photos excellent.

Once the relationship between megapixels and size of photo print is established, the process becomes easy. Remember, a 12 megapixel camera can produce quality prints up to 16 x 24 in size, while a low pixel camera is only designed for small photos, no more no less. In effect, the larger the megapixel, the larger the print size, and never attempt to print large sized photos produced by low pixel digital cameras.

And finally, consider the viability of the home based equipment, because unless one is financially capable, printouts may not come out as one expected. Remember, the printer is the end all when it comes to the final result, consider outsourcing if indoubt. This in particular if the final print is outrageously large, like applying it as a wall decor. It becomes practical to visit Costco, Walgreens or maybe FedEx or Shutterfly and Snapfish online.

Bear in mind that digital photo printing is now the in-thing, there is no escaping the rapid rise of technological development. And as a parting shot large photo prints need high megapixel, more like heavy women needs extra large gears.

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