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Toner Refill Kits

You may not be able to avoid spending a fortune on a few expenditure items. But for what it's worth it, you just can't afford to shell out hundreds of dollars each month on a monochrome or full color toner cartridge set. Even big businesses will be very pleased to take a reprieve from the high costs of replacement toner cartridges. How you do it is actually a matter of personal preference, along with how much print cost per page is reasonable to you.  Laser Tek Services offers you two (2) cost-efficient alternatives to pricey OEM toner cartridges: Toner Refill Kits and Remanufactured Toner Cartridges.

This page is dedicated to our lineup of  compatible toner refill kits. So if you wish to check out the other option, visit our Remanufactured Toner Cartridges page.    

Yes! You Can Refill Toner Cartridges.

What are Toner Refill Kits?

These are refill kits so that means you won’t be getting a cartridge out of the box. Instead, you will be supplied with a fresh shot of toner powder that is stored inside a plastic bottle.

Toner supplied with toner refill kits is compatible for use on the empty cartridge loading your printer. And by “compatible for use” we mean that the toner powder has been formulated to match the properties of the OEM toner and the technologies behind its production.  How to refill toner cartridges? Check out our Resource site for related literature on Print Cartridges Refilling.

How to Refill Toner Cartridges?

Conducting a printer cartridge refill is actually very easy! A fifth grader can do it, so why can't you? Simply follow the instructions outlined in the supplied instructional material and you’re good to go. If not, you can always call at 877-945-2737 or 701-239-4033 for over the phone assistance. Our customer service personnel will be glad to help you out with how to refill the toner cartridge.




Why use Toner Refill Kits?

Printer cartridges refills extend the life of a toner – empty toner cartridge for another printing cycle. Toner cartridges can be refilled for up to 3 times before the components begin to wear out and will therefore need to be replaced or require maintenance. So why  throw away a cartridge that can still be used? Discussed below are the key benefits of printer cartridges refilling.

Cost Benefits. In the preceding paragraph, we already mentioned that the use of printer cartridges refill is a cost effective option to the pricey OEM printer cartridges. But just how much are you going to save from the practice of printer cartridges refill?  

A ballpark estimate would be around 80% to 90% the cost of an OEM replacement toner cartridge. Let’s take the HP 1600 color laser printer as example.

The laser printer unit’s Q6000A (black) cartridge, which yields 2500 pages retails for around $75.  On the other hand, the brand single pack toner refill kits sell for only $9.99. That already guaranteed savings of $65 or around 86%.

But wait, there’s more!  Toner powder supplied is rated 5,000 pages which is twice over the yield rating of the OEM cartridge. Multi packs are also available which would even amplify the savings.

Ecological Benefits. Apart from generating substantial cost savings, printer cartridges refilling promotes environmental benefits. The impact is far reaching and more enduring than the savings obtained. For one it delays the trip of cartridges to landfills where the plastic housing and its interior components are disposed and left to decompose. Furthermore, the act of printer cartridge refills also minimizes the need to manufacture new cartridges which is also beset with certain environmental hazards. Read more from this article.

What About Print Quality and Performance?

Laser Tek Services brand toner refill kits come supplied with OEM quality toner powder at a capacity that matches or exceeds that of the yield  rating of an OEM brand cartridge. So expect to get crisp, clear and professional looking laser outputs, provided that the refill process was properly conducted based on provided literature.



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