• Sue Goldby

    Hi, my Epson printer that I was using cheaper cartridges in broke and I replaced with an Epson expression XP-2200.
    This one won’t accept the cheaper cartridges, does anyone know how to bypass this problem?
    Regards Sue

  • Bob Fletcher

    I own a WF-4830 and after a firmware update i can no longer use my 3rd Party ink This will be my final Epson printer

  • Mel

    I had no idea – why would a company treat their customers and potential customers so fraudulently? Well, I guess that’s something they’ll have to figure out while they are going under. Good bye Epson.

  • Ian

    This lot are as bad as Al Capone so time to get out my sawn off and pay a visit with ‘an offer they cannot refuse’

  • Claudia

    Can i use chipless refillable cartridges with the epson WF-2910?

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