• Celestina

    I tried this, and it did not work. I the error screen on the printer about the unrecognizable ink will not go away and my print jobs error out when I try to print them anyway. Agree Epson is a rip off and I will NEVER buy Epson again.

  • norman hill

    I just loaded clone ink cartridges in my XP-4105, and now have stripes. Could not find “Speed and Progress” so my bad prints must be from the ink. I also have XP 55 which handles the clones without a
    problem. Seems as if Epson is making sure you use their over priced ink.

  • Robert Salvage

    In my opinion Epson are a total disgrace . Their ink cartridges are outrageously expensiv, in, fact almost as much as the printer
    i feel this to be a very crooked attitumde.

  • Robert Salvage

    I personally think that epson are a disgrace and myself or any member of my family and friends will never buy an epson printer.again
    i feel that it is cheating the public in disallowing the use of compatibles.
    I feel that it is bordering on the illegal
    It seems that two sets of their cartridges equates to the cost of a new printer
    Trese are my own personal beliefss

  • kristen

    Hi, I have an Epson Workforce Pro WF-4720(4820). I see my speed is set at 7ppm but cannot find the “Speed and Progress” or “Disable Epson Status Monitor”. Are you able to help?


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