• Camille

    I don’t have the tab “Speed and Progress” available (the printer model is WF – 2750.) Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you in advance for your time.

  • Babumjane

    I like the way the printer works but as an elderly lady that only uses it for recipes etc I find that I need to replace cartridges oftern. They are not dry and not all are empty but you have to replace all at the same time, even though i seldom use the colored ones. I find this to be an act of fraud. Forcing one to purchase something only from one outlet is not the American way or so I thought but I guess today we have no more American way.

  • A Linda Cummings

    Why was #88 discontinued? What else can I use,

  • Liane Kruger

    I was frustrated with the printer now because it was setup to ripped customers. I was fully aware of the issues highlited before but what was super upsetting is when color inks are low, I cannot used the printer only for black and white prints.

  • Celestina

    I tried this, and it did not work. I the error screen on the printer about the unrecognizable ink will not go away and my print jobs error out when I try to print them anyway. Agree Epson is a rip off and I will NEVER buy Epson again.

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